Here are some answers to the questions that are often asked about how we work with clients.

We have a process to ensure you are getting the most value out of our relationship.

Before getting started

How much do you charge for designing one website?
How much time will it take you to design my website?
Will my website design be SEO-friendly?
FAQ about RATdeck

We often hear that clients are interested in how we work. Below is a list of how we currently work on projects.

In the middle of the process

Will RATdeck care about my instructions?
I want to cancel an order that I have already placed! How can I do it?
Does RATdeck offer SEO services alongside website designing?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers after the completion of the projects.

Before getting started

Will RATdeck provide me any support after completing my project?
I don't like the finished product. Can I get a refund?
It was great working with RATdeck. How can I appreciate you guys?


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