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Basic use of our website and services

Note that words like “us”, “we”, and “our” are referring to the operators of the RATdeck, who also operate this website.
We at RATdeck, have the right to change and update our terms&conditons whenever we want. We are not entitled to give any prior notice before doing so, and it is your responsibility to check our terms&conditions from time to time.

General Terms

RATdeck is a website designing and digital service providing company that is based in India. So, we at RATdeck are going to observe holidays and working days accordingly.

Using our website

  • We don’t charge anything for visiting the RATdeck website directly.
  • There can be times when you won’t be able to access the RATdeck website due to restriction, suspension, and termination. However, RATdeck will not be responsible for this.
  • We can change any content on our website at any time without giving any notice.
  • We can not guarantee that all the information on our website is correct. We are not accountable if you find inaccurate and misleading information on the RATdeck website.
  • Soucing any information from the RATdeck website should be at one’s own risk. RATdeck won’t be held accountable for any personal loss.
  • Unauthorized access to the RATdeck website will not be tolerated and will be treated as a criminal offense under the laws.

Other websites

The terms&conditions and the privacy&policy of the RATdeck website are not applicable to any other website that is linked with our website. So, if you access our website through the RATdeck website, make sure to read their terms&conditions. RATdeck won’t be accountable for any of your losses.

Intellectual Property

RATdeck has the license to the web design, text, pictures, and other graphics on the RATdeck website. You can not copy any of such information without our permission. RATdeck cares about the intellectual property of others. So, let us know if you find anything that goes against the copyright practices of others on our website.

Advertisements on our website

The RATdeck website may contain third-party advertisements. However, RATdeck won’t be held accountable for any inaccurate information displayed in those ads.

Customer confidentiality

We at RATdeck will not share any of our customer’s private data with anyone, except for the legal authorities and where ever needed.

International users

The RATdeck website is developed with respect to international laws. However, if any material on our website goes against your region’s laws, exit the RATdeck website in an instant. We won’t be responsible for any of your losses.

User's feedback

RATdeck encourages feedback, as it assists in improving our services. However, your feedbacks are not confidential, and RATdeck can share it with anyone.

Authorized locations

There are sections of the RATdeck website that require passwords. Any unauthorized access to those locations won’t be regarded well.


The RATdeck website is governed by the country’s laws.
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