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A well-designed website always leaves an impression on the clients. So, you can consult with our experts whether you want an entirely new website or whether you want to give your old one a new look.


Having a remarkable logo is significant for any business to thrive. However, not everyone can design an impressive one. RATdeck has designers who have been in the field for so long that they have become experts.


Well-made PowerPoint slides engage people to who you are presenting your ideas. We at RATdeck understand that, and that is why we can assist people in creating unique PowerPoint slides.


It is never a bad idea to consult an expert for SEO services, as it can drive traffic to your website. RATdeck has SEO experts that can assist you in that.


A business cannot reach its full potential it is not branded properly. Our professionals are capable of maximizing your business potential through branding if you choose them to help you.


Microsoft Excel plays a huge role in managing the data of a company. Our professionals are experts in working with Microsoft Excel. That is why we offer Microsoft Excels services to our clients.


In the world of business, almost every file is shared in PDF format. So, contact our experts if you want to get changes made to an existing PDF or if you want us to make an entirely new PDF file.


Have you been looking for experts to do the data entry job for you? Well, look no more, as RATdeck has data entry professionals with over 8 years of experience.


Graphic designing is essential for any business to grow, and RATdeck is totally aware of it. That is why we offer our exceptional services in graphic design.

Discovery Phase

During this initial phase, we take the time to meet the client and their stakeholders to understand their requirements. As we get involved in gathering information, this step helps us understand the client’s business and industry. We learn about their target market segments and customer niche and, of course, expectations from their website.


Information gathering and analysis

We carry out primary research to understand the requirement fully before we begin deployment. Active interactions with clients help us get the proper perspective.

  • Project Goal Identification
  • Understanding the project
  • Define Project Scope

Foundation Planning Phase

As we move on to the planning phase, we endeavor to seek further clarity about the project objectives to guide us through the rest of the steps. We view website planning as a valuable investment that always saves time and resources over the long run.


Perspective setting & final planning

As we build the wire-frame before execution, this step helps build a solid ideological foundation established through a review of SEO strategies for the web development project. Foundation for concepts like Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) is laid down.

  • Project Plan
  • Estimate Timeframe
  • Estimate Cost

Development Phase

As our team works to develop the web design, they continue to keep an eye on the meaningful insights generated during previous steps. We create the warm-shell of the primary web development during this step.


Mockup and Marketing

We design and develop a mock-up that is similar to the final development. We also take care to incorporate the content conducive to the design as it delivers the marketing communication to visitors.

  • Sitemap and wireframe creation
  • Design & Visual Elements
  • Development

Review and course-correction phase

Any web development should constantly be tested in great detail before it is deployed into the real world. The idea is to subject the result to several scenarios that test the resilience of the development and identify bugs, if any.


Marketing & Advertisement

As the web development undergoes rigorous testing, we initiate marketing and advertisement efforts at the same time. While bug testing and broken link checks are completed, timelines for marketing are devised and initiated. Discovery

  • Customer Feedback and suggestions
  • Content Creation
  • Revisions and Testing
Digital Marketing Services

Deployment and Support

As soon as product development reaches its goals, the product is delivered correctly. Different departments of client organizations who will be operating the web development are trained for optimum usage.


Handholding & Maintenance

Web development is a part of the overall process and does not end with delivery. The software requires regular maintenance and updates, and we are fully equipped to provide the requisite support.

  • Launching
  • Maintenance
  • Customer Review

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