On this page, words such as “we” “us” and “our” refer to the operators of RATdeck.
The privacy&policy of RATdeck is to ensure that our website visitors’ and customers’ data on the website is protected. So, make sure that you agree to all our privacy and policy practices before accessing our website and availing of our services. 
Remember, that RATdeck can update and make changes to its privacy and policy page without notifying anyone. So, it is your responsibility to check this page from time to time.

Information we collect

RATdeck may collect any information that helps us in identifying you. It may include your full name, address, e-mail address, contact number, occupation, interests, and financial transaction details whenever necessary.

What do we do with the information?

RATdeck collects some of your information and keeps it in our record. It is because we want it for our record, and to send you e-mails about profitable offers from time to time. We may also collect your information for improving the services we offer. RATdeck does not share your information with anyone or anywhere, except for the conditions and people below:
  • We may share your data if you allow us to.
  • We may share the basic data with our partners for marketing our business.
  • RATdeck may share your data if you are engaged in any criminal activity on our website.
  • RATdeck may share your data if it is required by the law.


RATdeck has a secured system that guards your private data in our system.


RATdeck asks for permission before installing cookies to your device. Cookies help us to make your experience with the RATdeck website better. So, your experience may be compromised if you don’t choose to install them.

Other websites

You may find links to other websites on the RATdeck website. You must know that we have no control over those websites, and that is why you should visit them at your own risk. RATdeck won’t be responsible if you suffer any loss.

You have control

While filling out your personal information form to avail of our services, you can choose if we can use your information for marketing purposes. You can e-mail experts at RATdeck for any queries that you may have.

Refund policy

If you have a problem regarding the amount you have paid us, contact our experts via e-mail for assistance. If the project has been canceled from your side, we can not guarantee a 100 percent refund. These are the refund conditions:
  • If you cancel your order within 24 hours, RATdeck guarantees a 90 percent refund.
  • If you cancel your order within 2-3 days, RATdeck guarantees a 50 percent refund.
  • If you cancel your order after 3 days, RATdeck does not guarantee any refund.
  • If you pay RATdeck an additional amount by mistake, we will refund all of the extra amounts.
  • We won’t give any refund if you don’t like the work of our experts.
  • RATdeck can’t guarantee any refund if there are SEO issues or technical glitches.
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